Creative Ideas – instead of quizzes and chapter tests

Have you ever wished there was a better way to assess your child’s understanding of a topic without the pressure of a textbook test or quiz?  Try some of these creative ideas other families have used to display understanding and application of material.  Have other good ideas?  Please contribute via the Comments section below!  🙂

PowerPoint presentation
Deliver a speech
Design a chart

Create a brochure
Make up a product or advertisement
Build a model- Legos, diorama, play room floor
Write a children’s book
Compose a song
Outline concepts
Be the editor of your own newspaper
Star in your own video
Make a poster
Write a poem
Design a scene from a play
Become a play wright
Sketch a detailed scene or map
Make a timeline
Use index cards to play a matching memory game
Write a friendly letter to a real or fictional character

The possibilities are endless!  Share your ideas in the Comments section so you can bless others!  🙂


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